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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

America's Favorite Killer

Fictional scenario: You are a young kid growing up with social media and the technology we have today. How independent would your upbringing be if every opinion you saw, had a like counter behind it. How would you feel if certain behaviors resulted in more likes? and some resulted in less. Would you do the things that get likes? or would you do what you truly want?

Since the year 2000, social media usage has risen drastically. So have other statistics, some of which are very unsettling. School shootings have occurred exponentially more often. Depression has gone up simultaneously and at almost the exact same time, anxiety for adolescents went up too. 

We are familiar with the fact that about 80% of medical issues come from stress. How much more stress does seeing everyone else's accomplishments add to one's life?

"The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States estimates that stress accounts about 75% of all doctor visit "

All of these issues have occurred since the same time that social media began to be used consistently. If we don't see the patterns on the youth now, will we before it is too late?

The internet is full of amazing information, but the question I want to pose about social media specifically is this: 

Is it a problem that on social media you can scroll forever? 


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