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Monday, January 29, 2024

Consumer Report Finds 79% of Food Contains BPA

Consumer Reports and Reuters recently made it public and brought this to everyone's attention again that a lot of our food is contaminated with unhealthy substances. There seems to be a lot of talk online in the past year or maybe the past 6 months about the quality of food and ingredients used in European countries comparatively to the U.S. This is a popular talking point so it could be to get page views but it also could be something to be aware of and look for more organic options. A lot of people have also been going towards a more sustainable approach of growing their own food or buying from small local farms.  

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 Drake got a BBL but is roasting Meghan the Stallion for getting a BBL herself... 

This is the least surprising thing coming from drake. Constantly trying to out do himself in terms of divaness. 

This started because there is a beef going on with Nicki Minaj and Meghan the Stallion right now, where Nicki Minaj alleged that Stallion slept her way to the top and traded beats for sex. 

Drake is team Nikki and so Meghan the Stallion clapped back when drake tried to say something about her BBL, and oh did she have the perfect comeback. She said Drake got a BBL type of surgery as well and has the marks to prove it. 

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Switching Name to Inner Circle

We have since creation of this blog, switched our name to the inner circle. This will serve as a testament to how small and cult like our following is. The news we deliver is news that should only be spread amongst friends and within your inner circle. Hence the name. 

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Top 10 OJ Simpson goof-ups By: Holden Kodish

1. When he took his first steps.   Baby OJ actually didn’t start by taking steps. Instead, he drove a stroller on a low-speed police chase. ...