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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Kanye Using Bianca to Prove a Point to Kim Kardashian

Very recently this Kanye phone snatch video came out:

It was basically a random Karen lady who followed Kanye while on her phone, made a call, and then went in on him. Seemed like she was pre-planning something. She goes up to him and in the fakest voice says "Hey Kanye good to see you, how are you doing?" but she has never met him in her life, and we all know she doesn't care about how he is doing. She instantly goes to ask him if Bianca has free will. Which then proceeded to Kanye snatching her phone, which she was using to record him. 

So, YES HE TOOK HER PHONE, BECAUSE SHE WAS RECORDING ON IT. This headline made it seem like he snatched a random lady's phone who was using it to talk to someone or do her own work, minding her business. This wasn't the case at all. This was more the equivalent of someone taking a camera or covering it for the moment, he even gave it right back and offered her a job by the end of the video, paying her double that of the garbage paparazzi network she works for. 

The reason why this woman was asking Kanye if his new wife has free will is because she has been dressing very uniquely and very provocatively, and it seems as per Kanye's request.
My theory is that Kanye is asking her to dress provocatively for a reason, to get Kim Kardashian to tell Kanye or Bianca to tone it down, and he can say "why?" and if she explains why he can say well you did it and let that stuff around North (their daughter)

When Kim brought Ice Spice around North West, and Kanye said that's messed up, she did it anyway and didn't care that Ice Spice was provocative and outwardly sexual. Now Kanye might be showing Kim how he felt. When Bianca sensory was with North, Kim explicitly asked her to cover up. 

Kanye kind of just highlighted the fact that Kim cares about North being around inappropriate stuff only when it comes from Kanye but not her. When Kim does the same thing and brings inappropriate people around North, it is apparently no big deal and if Kanye says something, he's quote on quote being crazy. 

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