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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Stone Island Hoodies: Are they worth it?

Stone Island hoodies are sweaters with a target patch on the side. They have been worn by many celebrities before including Drake. They were designed by Massimo Osti, but the company was then fully purchased by one of his friends Carlo Rivetti, who recently sold it to a major fashion brand, Moncler. 

The design was inspired by military and work wear and includes a unique stone-washing method that gives these hoodies a color palette akin to them only. 

After having a few for more than 2 years and putting them to the test, I can safely say, they are pretty tough. The proactive design ingenuity of Massimo Osti planned ahead for people's mistreatment of his clothing. Hence the pieces are made to look more like they should as time goes on, the stone-washed look only grows into itself more and more. 

This quality does come with a heavy price tag of around $400 a piece, making them a common target of criticism online. Even if you take the removable patch off, to shut down the skeptics that claim people get these for the logo alone, the hoodies are still worth wearing. I've worn them many times without the iconic patch and felt just as satisfied with my purchase. 

In conclusion, they are worth it. 

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