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Friday, June 7, 2024


Donald Trump has recently been found
guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records.

However, as Rep. Andy Biggs recently stated: “The average American commits three felonies a

day”. And nowhere is this more true than with our presidents. Here’s a list of the Top 10

Felonies committed by Presidents.

10. George Washington: Arborcide

Apparently, after the cutting of his father's cherry tree, he turned to a nearby sapling and said “If

you tell anyone what you saw here today, you’ll be next” and did the finger-to-the-throat move.

9. Abraham Lincoln: Hate Crimes

While he is well-known for his work in emancipating the slaves, there was one minority that

Abraham Lincoln hated above all others: vampires. He’s on record as saying “If I see another of

those fucking batwing ass freaks flying around the capital, I will go to Transylvania and kick

Dracula’s ass myself”

8. John Berrington: Election Fraud

No way in hell that John won that election fair and square. You can’t promise students “no

homework”. We don’t control that. The government does, stupid. And yet, he gets to be class

president. Definitely rigged.

7. Rutherford B Hayes: Drug Smuggling

Before becoming the 19th president, Mr. Hayes used to run guns to El Salvador under the name

“El Negro Toro”. To this day, it’s rumored that he is actually the true leader of the Mexican


6. Richard Nixon: Watergate

This one’s not even funny. Like, he actually did do Watergate. Like, the whole robbery? He did it

himself. He was a hands-on boss.

5. The President from Monsters Vs Aliens: War Crimes

Looking into those soulless eyes, you can tell that the president committed numerous war

crimes. Many villages in Vietnam still live in fear of “Axel F”

4. John Tyler: Manslaughter

To be honest, I actually know nothing about John Tyler. I just thought this premise would be

funny, “Oh, what about the no-name presidents, what if they committed crimes”. Now, I have

three more presidents to go, and I’ve resorted to meta-commentary for my jokes. A disgrace.

3. Ummmmm... oh, Trump! The 34 counts of fraud

Your quick wit saves you again Holden. But for how long?

2. Obama: Plagiarism

His name actually came from the song Mo Bamba. He had to change it due to a cease and

desist from Sheck Wes.

1. George W. Bush: 9/11

Honestly tell me that you did not expect this to be number one. Try lying to my face.

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