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Monday, April 8, 2024

Best Hidden Gem Small Businesses in Newton MA

These are the best hidden gem small businesses according to various people in the area. We will be doing a written and video review for each of these. I went to the Knotty Pine today, Solar Eclipse day but it was closed. It's a diner in West Newton, which I've driven by a million times but never even noticed. Amazing how many recommendations we got and how little of them I knew. Truly a list of HIDDEN gems. 

If you want to contribute to the conversation and cast your submission for a review, comment below. 

These are not in order of best to worst, they are all in different categories of small business.

  1. The Paper Mouse in West Newton - Gift Shop
  2. Depasquale's Deli on Adams - In Newton *NOT depasquales at nightcap's corner
  3. Markettiamo for Italian imported goods and sandwiches (and salciccia and soppressata)
  4. Shogun in West Newton - Has been open for over 40 years and very authentic 
  5. Otake Sushi in Newton Highlands
  6. Echo Bridge Restaurant '
  7. Little L Bakery on California
  8. D&A's Pizza in Nonantum
  9. Knotty Pine Diner in Auburndale - Cash only, but they have an ATM
  10. Grandma's Kitchen. Really good Taiwanese food 
  11. Moldova
  12. Flourhouse Bakery in Nonantum
  13. Chung-Shin Yuan on California St
  14. Indulge Candy Store in Newton Highlands

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