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Monday, March 4, 2024

Bacon Didn't Change up on us - Pork Prices up 100% is Fake News


According to CNBC pork belly prices have risen 100% as of last August. At that time they were saying it rose from $1.31 to $2.70. Which is a bit more than a 100% increase. As of right now, after verifying with a few local butchers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire we have consumer prices confirmed at about $7.99-8.99, and one butcher told us directly that he hasn't seen pork belly prices rise since he started almost three years ago. Keep in mind the CNBC numbers are wholesale, which to begin with are at one dollar so an increase to two dollars sounds like a lot, but not when you hear that they sell it for eight to nine to consumers. 

The article linked below used language such as "will become more expensive" while the prices have seen no hit on the consumer end. 

We all see that food prices are getting more expensive, but there is a fine line between quality products and cheap prices. On one hand we all champion healthy food and better quality options to be available for all. While we maintain this as a common value, we should also understand that higher prices are sometimes necessary for higher quality goods. If we are taking more precautions to raise animals humanely we are going going to be faced with higher costs for producers. As of right now it doesn't seem that effect has taken on the consumer prices.  

So in the meantime, relax and enjoy your pork chops.

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