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Monday, February 12, 2024

When Did Biking & Walking Become Weird?

Do you remember back in the good old days, how much you would walk around with your friends, and how normal it would be to walk to your destination? You wouldn't even notice how long it took and you wouldn't complain.

Biking to a destination was also a common activity, at least for my friend group, and I suspect for many others as well. 

These acts weren't considered out of the ordinary. 

I said I walked here today to someone at pressed cafe, and they almost seemed confused and asked "you walked here??"  

We've gotten so used to our cars and conveniences that I think
we have gone so far down the innovation rabbit hole that we have looped back around to stupidity. A comedian Shane Gillis had an incredible anecdote about the "Peleton" bike. It was something along the lines of a person from a third world country asking about the Peleton, they ask the U.S citizen, oh its a two thousand dollar bike, must be pretty fast, and the westerner responds, no it actually doesn't move at all. The foreigner asks, well it must power a lot of electricity, no the westerner responds it actually uses a lot of electricity and has a giant screen on top. The foreigner then confused asks well does it churn some kind of food or anything? No the westerner responds, why would I need it to do that I can just have someone deliver me Doordash on their bike. 

This is the perfect visualization of what is happening. Instead of actually riding bikes to get our food our walking, we are using technology to get the same exercise we would just doing the real thing, and paying someone else to get our food for us, also with tech. In a way both things could be cancelled out by just riding a bike to get your own food.

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