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Monday, February 19, 2024

Is Crypto Coming Back? Projects to Watch For.

Is crypto coming back? Bitcoin is currently up 25% and about 10k over the past month to a present value of 52k. This is a much better situation than last January when it was at about a 22k total value after a fall from 60k. 

This is a project we've been following closely since the start and we're going to do an overview of it and share our thoughts. is offering a presale of their token "Nova Gold" right now on their website linked above. This project has a crypto coin, an NFT, and a virtual reality concept to it coming in the future. The trinity of the crypto world. We think this is a project to watch for and keep an eye on but we're going to put it to the test. A criteria we have is listed below, so let's see how many of these boxes they can check.

The main reason we think majority of Crypto projects fail is because they either:

A. Lack originality or charm in the design, hired a generic designer (if it is an NFT)

B. If it is a coin, and has no use case, there is no reason for people to get it 

C. If it is not run by people that are capable of not getting ripped off and can do some of the work themselves. Purely financial founders tend to overspend and be out of touch with the project. 

A. The designer of the NFT portion of this project, Pilgrim Apes is also the designer behind Block Boy Not 4 $ale which went on sale last year with only 21 NFT's and sold out 33% of it independently without any investors or promotion. This was strictly a designer run project so the sales are not as high but the investment was minimal. The backstory was unique and offered a new perspective on consumerism and capitalism. The art was done well and there were no mistakes in the NFT's appearances. This is promising as the Pilgrim Apes also look great, as you can see from the one pictured in this article. 

B. The roadmap says that there will be a VR experience to go along with the token, similar to a virtual networking hub also under the Cryplandia Crypto Club brand.

C. Metropolis Cybergroup LLC, is the company behind and believes crypto still has a strong chance of becoming a commonly used financial instrument. stands as the digital gateway to this burgeoning ecosystem, serving as a hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries alike. The founders are fascinated by Crypto and are interested in building a community not just a product, they have a discord where they are launching the Cryplandia Crypto Club and will have free community events to talk about entrepreneurial ventures and investing. 

"Central to Cryplandia's vision is the Cryplandia Crypto Club—an innovative concept poised to revolutionize the way like-minded individuals connect and collaborate in the digital realm. This online virtual reality club offers a decentralized space where entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators can converge to work on business projects and creative ventures, all within an immersive and interactive environment." - Metropolis Cybergroup

The project is one we highly are looking forward to seeing evolve, and it checked all our boxes for a promising crypto project so we really have faith in it. There are many scams out there which make the space untrustworthy, for a fair reason. This means that we have to be extra cautious and proactive when looking at these companies and making sure their project isn't an overhyped scheme. Which Cryplandia doesn't fit the description for, as on their site they have all the disclaimers that make it known there are no guarantees and there isn't any over zealous promises in their roadmap on their site either. 

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