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Thursday, February 8, 2024

American Fiction Movie Review

A great commentary on woke culture today, elitist hypocrisies, and commercialism. This somewhat dark humored, satirical work highlights how some artists will sell what the public wants instead of what is true to them. The main character couldn't sell a lot of copies with his genuine stories, but when he drunkenly wrote a fictional, pumped up typical "black" story, he made a lot of money with it. 

There was a nostalgic like melancholy feel to a lot of the shots, maybe because he was visiting his hometown, but the message was well brought across by the director Cord Jefferson. The ending was surprising with a good twist (no spoilers). The protagonist "Monk" goes through a real character development and experiences a separation of work and life, not depending on his prestigious status or novels for confidence but rather using his skills to create a good life outside of work, and more specifically help his family. 

Two hours long which is short these days with every movie being three hours and above.

score: 82%

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