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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

First Ever Keepin.AI Alpha Test Launch

Hello, and thank you for being part of the first alpha testing for Keepin!
Directions: Upload a video of your hand picking up and placing items, either on a flat surface or in a container. Make sure object is visible but you can store things away like you naturally do. If something has a label and you choose to have it face forward, it may read that label and include relevant info. Currently the model is expected to have errors, but should get a good amount correct or close. Feel free to share the video along with your results, and thanks again for being one of the first to try Keepin out!

Alpha Test: Must Sign Up with E-Mail to be notified when active!
5-10 items per video are recommended, it’s fine if they’re placed on top of or in front of of each other. Longer videos may take to process and could affect accuracy, but feel free to try and report issues. [No Object] Really means “manual input,” it is detected and will be prioritized in post organizing double check. This will be improved over time.


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